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We have been designing speakers since I was 10 and did a thesis on cylindrical speakers in my final year of university (many years ago).


Prompted by the nagging of my teenage kids, we’ve made a consumer bluetooth portable speaker, and a pro version for mono-compatibility checking. They are compact, loud, low distortion, and are great for making a mono mix for checking compatibility (huge amounts of music is still listened to in mono).


The pro version takes a stereo balanced XLR pair in and produces a perfect mono mix on our modern 360 degree type speaker, which is so typical of what people are listening on today. There’s also a footswitch to make the speaker suck! (No bass or top), like the low end full range speakers that are everywhere. The consumer product has been designed for all ages and can be ordered in 10 exuberant colours.


Go to the SoundBuckets website to buy yours today!