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The SoundBuckets are a compact, portable, quality active speaker, capable of some serious sounds – and available in 10 amazing colours. There are two models:

The SoundBucket

This is intended for the consumer market, and uses the latest Bluetooth technology and old school analog design, so you can stream quality stereo music, and remote control them from your phone, tablet or PC.  Given their pro-audio heritage, they sound much better than the current range of Bluetooth speakers, and feature long battery life as well.

The Pro SoundBucket

This is intended for the pro market.  It’s identical, but doesn’t have the Bluetooth. Instead we supply it with a pro interface adapter lead, and an external 24V DC supply, so it can go really loud.  They still have batteries inside, so they can be used on location, and they are great for talkback units, mono compatibility speakers, and mini monitors for small studios, edit and composing rooms etc.

September production has sold out, but to purchase for delivery in October, please click here.