Add Ons

Console & Controller Accessories

As well as the standard variations in capacity of each of our products, we have lots of  add ons available to customise your Crookwood to your needs.

Internal Add Ons

These are internal cards fitted inside the product. Although you can’t see them, they can add great power to your Crookwood. They include

External Add Ons

These are additional panels that you can fit to your Crookwood control panel.  They match the look of the rest of the controls, and complete your installation. They include

  • Talkback – versatile talk and cue switching
  • GPIO – relay and tally panel
  • VU Meters – precision VU meters with switch-able level attenuators
  • 19″ mounting frames – mount the control panels into standard 4U 19″ holes
  • wooden control pods – handmade wooden pods let you move your controllers around as you need them
  • blank panels to add your own devices next to the controllers