GPIO Panel

Crookwood’s GPIO panel is a self contained panel with 8 relays and associated tallies

GPIO PanelOverview

This is a small, flexible easy to install GPIO panel, ideal for controlling red lights, motorised speaker stands, room eq presets, and of course old ATRs!


  • Compact panel with 8 relays and 8 tallies
  • Relays and tallies can be linked, or separate
  • Relays and tallies can be latched or momentary
  • Easy to clearly relabel the buttons (text and background colour) for ease of use.
  • Can be powered off other Crookwood panels, or locally with an external PSU


  • 173mm x 90mm wide, 25mm deep
  • All connections via Dsubs
  • Optional small external power supply

Pricing? Availability?

From £175/ e225/ $300. Available now!

Want to know more?

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