Mastering Consoles

Comprehensive Mastering Solutions

We’ve been making mastering consoles since 1998,  and now make the widest range, and arguably the best stereo and surround mastering consoles available.  Each console is sonically pure and packed with features to help you get the best out of your mastering, quickly and effectively.


Crookwood make 6 mastering console ranges, and each range has 3 or 4 sizes.  This together with a wealth of optional add ons, means that you can get the console you want, and that it will virtually unique to you and your needs.

Because all of our consoles are constructed from a modular set of control and processing cards however, this keeps the cost down, so all of this flexibility and sonic power comes at an affordable price.

The range of options and powerful integration, means our consoles can become the heart of your studio, controlling all of your needs from one, compact controller.

Finally because we marry the power of digital control with analogue signals, our consoles are quicker to use in production environments, easily saving you 10% of your time per job – it’s like a 10% pay increase, day after day after day!

Product Chooser

To find your perfect console, choose from one of our ranges below:

Do you need –

Multiple analogue and digital sources, and analogue and digital record inserts?

Multiple analogue and digital sources, but only analogue record inserts?

Purely analogue?

Something different?

If you can’t find exactly what you need from our consoles, talk to us.  Their modular construction makes it easy for us to customise the features and functions of our consoles to meet your exact needs.  Just contact us at Crookwood .

How we do it

A mastering console at it’s simplest is a combination of a monitor controller and an audio router.  A Crookwood console however is so much more, due to the clever integration of controls and great audio engineering.  It all starts with great monitoring:

Monitor Control

At the heart of all our consoles is a sonically accurate monitor controller.  Everything you hear will go through this section, and you’ll make your mastering decisions based on what you hear.  So many monitor controller are coloured, often because it makes them sound nice.  But you’re mastering, not mixing, and you need to know the truth so your masters will sound good on all systems.  Crookwood monitors deliver this truth, so you are in charge of the sound, not your equipment. Coupled with the widest range of forensic monitor checks and calibrations available, you can be sure that you can hear and diagnose musical issues, and then correct them.

Routing Control

Our integrated record router and source selectors make quick work of inserting gear, trimming levels, helping you be creative. It’s so easy to just try a combination of your outboard for a track to see if it works:  no patching, no moving away from your chair, you can A/B with ease.  Our unique ability to be able to place any piece of your outboard into the chain, with one button, and form a chain of outboard in any order you want, means you get the job done quicker and to a better standard. And because all analogue routing is done via gas sealed relays, it’s as sonically pure, as if you hardwired your gear instead.

Clever integration features like automatically connecting or choosing digital converters, and routing clocks make working with your DAW or DAWs a breeze.

Options, Options, Options

What is truly brilliant about the Crookwood is that they’re all made from modular parts. This allows you to specify a console that exactly fits your needs, and you can alter it as your needs change. No more bodging of weird bits of kit to get a feature you need. No built in obsolescence, waste, or unserviceable black boxes, but a sustainable living solution for your mastering now and in the future.

Competitive Pricing

Our consoles aren’t cheap, but if you compare them to the cost of buying component parts, they always work out less expensive.

For example if you add a $2500 monitor controller, and a $2500-4000 router together it is more than the $4800 a basic M3 console would cost.

When you factor in that the M3 will be quicker to use, smaller in terms of it’s physical footprint and will probably sound better, it just doesn’t make sense to buy component parts. And if you’re really looking to build up slowly, you should look at one of our monitor controllers or routers first, because they can be morphed into a mastering console at a later date saving you money in the long term.

Want to know more?

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