The C30 Monitor Controller

The C30 analogue surround mastering console is the perfect device for dealing with analogue monitor sources.  In addition it has a full analogue record path for great studio integration. It lets you seamlessly listen to any source, with excellent transparent monitor control, to make sure you can hear exactly what you’re working on. Together with it’s analogue router  it can form the centre of your studio.




The C30 monitor controller is a powerful integrated machine, comprising of these main elements:

  • Precision Monitor Controller with lots of stereo and surround monitor checks
  • Relay based analogue source selector
  • Relay based analogue record path selector

All of these elements are digitally controlled and integrated to reduce the audio path to a minimum, but with loads of features to speed up the mastering process.

3 Models to Choose From

There are 3 main models in the C30 family,each differing in their capacities.

  • C30-2AS – 2 analogue sources
  • C30-8AS – 8 analogue sources
  • C30-16AS – 16 analogue sources

All models are available in 5.1, 7.1, 10.2 or 12 channel surround formats.

More Options

Once you’ve chosen a C30 controller, there are plenty of other add ons you can add to your controller to get the features you need, including:

  • DACs for Digital Signals
  • Digital Speaker Outputs
  • Studio Speaker control
  • Full Bass Management

Further Accessories

As well as the add- on options there are other accessories you can add to your C30 to complete your studio:

  • VU meters
  • Talkback with stereo cue mix/ replace
  • Mounting Frames
  • GPIO

Want to know more?

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