The MultiPre Multichannel Mic Preamp

We’ve been making mic pre’s  since 1992,  and despite all those years passing, our original design is still widely regarded as the most neutral mic amp available. Not bad for a 20 year old design!



The MultiPre is a versatile 4U 19″ rack based multichannel microphone preamp. It is remote controllable, and all settings can be stored and recalled. It uses the exact same preamp card as the Paintpot, famed for it’s neutral and accurate sound.

It’s a modular system, and you can fit up to 32 channels of pre into a 4U rack. As well as the main analogue outputs, it has options for analogue split outputs, AES outputs and MADI IO on fiber and coax.

All analogue connections are via XLRS, making it easy and quick to connect up and use.

Uniquely,  it is primarily a quality mic preamp, with digital IO, not a soundcard box with a set of cheap preamps added to the front end.  This gives it a much more accurate sound with real mics.

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