Bass Manager

Bass manager card

An optional internal mastering quality Bass Management card for Crookwood products.



This optional card can be fitted to any Crookwood console or controller and provides full bass management.  You can use it to perfectly integrate any mono or stereo sub(s) with a set of main speakers.

You can use the card for stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 systems.


  • Provides bass management for stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 speaker systems
  • Integrates with mono , or stereo subs, adjusting the level as required
  • Bypass and sub solo remote controlled by the console
  • Provides full satellite filtering and sub filtering to provide a proper acoustic cross-over between the mains and the subs.
  • Adjust the cross-over frequency accurately over all stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 speakers.

Why do you need this?

Being able to monitor music on speakers with an accurate LF response is essential for good quality work.  If the bass levels in your room are too high, or too low, you’ll compensate in your mix or master for your room, not the work.  The end effect will be music that’s bass light or bass heavy.

Unfortunately getting the bass right in a room is not easy, but a quality bass manager can help.  By being able to choose the frequency to cross-over between the subs and mains, you can optimise the sound in your room.  Proper filtering of the sub channel and the mains speaker channel means that there aren’t any nasty holes or bumps in the cross-over region, and if you can run to two subs, you’ll get a much better bass balance overall.

The Crookwood Bass Manager card can do all this, and it’s easy to fit into one of our consoles or controllers.

Pricing? / Availability?

Because it is powered off our console or controller mainframes they are very reasonably priced.

Prices start from £250 / e350 /$400 for a stereo bass manager. Available now!

Want to know more?

Contact Crookwood for more details.