Consultancy at Crookwood

Crookwood have been designing products for other companies for over twenty years.

Given our acknowledged expertise in digital control of precision analogue devices, this isn’t surprising, however we can do a lot more.

What design areas are we good at?

Quite a few really. Here’s a list of technologies we’ve got good experience in:

Analogue Design

  • Mic Pre-amps. Not surprisingly, given our product range, but we also design cheaper pre’s, DI’s and line amps for others.
  • EQ. Parametrics, filters, crossovers, shelves.
  • Compressors. VCA based, opto based, feed forward, feedback, clever sidechains, digital sidechains.
  • Power Supplies. Linear & switchers.


  • AD & DA design. AKM, Crystal, AD, BB, clocks, SRC’s, PLL’s, theory & layout.
  • Digital Interfacing. AES, SPDIF, SDIF, ADAT, TOSLINK, 2 wire, 1 wire,  bit reduction.

Digital Design

  • Control Surfaces. Scanned, static, big, small, we’ve done them all.
  • Moving Faders and Automation. Control servos, digital and analogue, storage, and time control.
  • DSP. Not big on audio processing, good on audio manipulation, routing, servos, sidechains.

System Design

  • Recording Consoles. We’ve designed consoles for SSL & Focusrite.
  • Film Consoles. We designed some of the big SSL Film consoles, we know quite a bit about ADR, Foley, Final Mix.


  • USB Audio. Hardware and Software, audio streaming, synchronisation, descriptors and general USB know-how
  • MIDI. Hardware, software, over DIN’s or USB.
  • Ethernet. Hardware and software, TCP/IP, DHCP, HTTP, TFTP.
  • Serial. Hardware and software, RS232, RS485, HDLC
  • MADI


  • Assembler. 8051, Z80, Z8, Texas DSP
  • C. Various compilers.
  • HTML, CSS, J, VB
  • Verilog


If you think we might be of use, give us a call. Looking forward to it!