A-D & D-A

A-D & D-A Digital Converters

The Crookwood MultiDAD converter is a 1U 2-32 ch modular converter.

MultiDAD 32 channel A-D & D-A converter


Our D-A and A-D cards from our mastering consoles and monitor controllers are well respected for their sonic performance. Now for the first time they are available as a separate package – the MultiDAD.

The MultiDAD is a modular 2 to 32 channel Digital converter in a compact 1U chassis. Load and expand it with any combination of our excellent DAC and ADC modules, up to 32 channels in total. MADI input available.


  • 1U air cooled package
  • Fits up to 16 two channel converter cards (32 channels of DAC, or ADC or any combination)
  • Uses the same excellent cards that our monitor and mastering consoles use
  • 44.1 to 192KHz sampling rate, 24 bit conversion
  • Crookwood SRC based conversion, jitter immune and precision conversion
  • External wordclock for ADC synchronisation
  • AES/SPDIF digital IO
  • Optional Digital Slot card for audio networking.
  • MADI card available now, additional cards planned
  • Trimmable 0dBFs level from 0VU = -10dBFs to -24dbFs
  • ADC overload and DAC signal missing indication
  • LCD shows you full status of unit

MADI Expansion

By fitting the MADI card, you can have 32 channels of analogue IO, and also 32 channels of AES IO in the same box:


  • 1U remote audio racks
  • Air cooled
  • Dsub IO, with optional XLR breakout panels and snakes available for easy connection
  • Small external power supply

Pricing? Availability?

From £1010 for a mastering grade 2 ch DAC. Available now!

Want to know more?

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