Insert Routers

Powerful analogue & digital insert routers

A 15 insert R4 Router

I can’t believe how much quicker I can work, and how much better I’m using my outboard. Well impressed!
James Clear


An insert router lets you easily patch outboard gear into a mastering or recording chain using buttons, rather than loads of patchcords.

Crookwood has been making insert routers since the 90’s and invented the “any insert in any order” remote controlled mastering router. An advance on regular, simpler routers, our routers work like a regular patchbay – you decide what pieces of gear you want to use, in what order, in what path.

Today we make a wide range of routers covering all your needs, including specific custom based routers. All of our routers use the same modular design, so can be expanded and modified after purchase, with minimum cost or waste.

We offer:

  • Models for simple analogue routing, comprehensive mastering suites and record and master suites
  • Passive, virtually perfect, balanced analogue relay based routing, and buffered AES routing
  • 7,11 and 15 stereo insert versions of each router – modular design lets you easily expand one version to another as your needs grow or change
  • Remote racks do the routing, controlled by compact remotes, to maximise your desk rack space
  • Any insert, in any order with two paths and parallel path mixing
  • Rapid A/B insert chain comparisons
  • Local store and recall complete settings, and store /recall setups on your DAW via MIDI for full session recall
  • Loads of unique features and options, to boost your creativity and productivity

Router model comparison

Analogue Inserts, 7,11 or 15ooo
Digital crosspoint, 8,16,24 or 32o
A/B insert pathsooo
Source & destination selectors
Input selectoroooo
Output selectoroooo
AD & DA digital route/selecto
Parallel paths
Free form parallel paths & A/B themooo
Parallel path source selectorooo
Analogue sum parallel pathsoo
Level Trimmers
Pre & Post level trimmersoo
A/B levels with inserts (level compensation)oo
Full passive bypassoo
Extra Tools
Monitor/Meter any insertoo
Delta monitor/meter any insertoo
Mix-master insert flippingo
M/S encoder & decoderoo
Save and recall settings
Internal memoriesoooo
Store/ Recall on DAW via MIDIoooo

A router, right for you

We make four types of router today, plus the option of a full custom spec design. Each router is available in different insert sizes.

R2 Routers

The R2 routers are AES(or SPDIF) crosspoint routers.

They let you route anything to anything, and come in 8×8, 16×16, 24×24 and 32×32 capacities. Being crosspoint routers, you can have multiple routes and paths setup.

They are ideal for customers with legacy digital processors, or multichannel digital routing needs.

R3 Routers

These are our original analogue only routers. Simple in design, they let you insert stereo gear into a mastering or record chain, simply, accurately, without fuss.

They come in sizes of 7,11 or 15 inserts, and you can run two paths through them as insert routers, or use them as analogue crosspoint routers for multichannel or stem work.

They are ideal for customers who have flexible needs, and are happy to use their DAW or mixer to process the audio around the router.

R4 Routers

The R4’s are the perfect mastering suite routers. They combine perfect analogue insert routing with advanced source and destination routing to let you easily select between multiple ADC and DAC converters for optimum analogue processing.

In addition, it has our unique insert monitor feature. This lets you listen and/or meter the output of any single insert, within any chain. The added Delta monitor feature lets you listen and/or meter the effect of that insert and it’s contribution to the master. Oh and parallel paths, analogue level control, & MS.

R4’s are ideal for all high quality mastering rooms with multiple pieces of analogue outboard, where you want to get excellent OTB results.

R5 routers

If you’re running a modern flexible studio doing recording , mixing and mastering, the R5 is what you’ve been missing!

Like an R4, it is the perfect mastering insert machine, but it also has our unique Mix-Master feature, which lets you automatically patch any of the inserts connected to the R5, back into your DAW or mixer, for tracking or mixing.

You can easily use your valuable analogue outboard assets for all your work, without tedious or unreliable re-patching. At the press of a button, use or re-patch your outboard for your needs.

R5’s are ideal for multipurpose and personal creative studios, that want to use their outboard gear in flexible ways.

R3 Custom

Because all of our routers are designed from the same modular building blocks, you can create a custom router to your specific needs.

You can choose any of our modules to make your router, including:

  • Source Selectors, analogue and or digital
  • Insert Matrices, 7,11 or 15 inserts size
  • Level trims
  • MS codecs
  • Delta monitors
  • Elliptical EQs
  • Mix-Master routing
  • Crookwood internal AD and DA conversion
  • Physical changes

The range of options is large. If one of our regular routers doesn’t do what you need, we can design a special router for you.


  • Passive balanced relay based routers, the ultimate audio switch
  • Inserts can be placed in any order, in any path
  • All/any electronics are fully relay bypassable
  • All routes and levels can be stored and replayed for instant setup, either locally or by a MIDI file dump
  • All audio is routed in remote, 1U air cooled racks that can be placed in a rack, or on the floor, in a machine room, or near to the outboard to reduce cable lengths
  • Control Panels are compact, and can be moved easily when not needed, to maximise your rack area, and minimise reflections
  • Design is modular based, allowing for easy upgrades and sidegrades
  • Panel buttons and encoders are rated for 1M plus actions
  • OLED displays can be seen at virtually any angle or lighting for instant feedback
  • All audio IO via 25w Dsubs, Tascam pinout


  • Our 7 insert R3 router starts at GBP 1795, ≅ Euro 2,130 , or US$ 2,311
  • Contact us for a quote with shipping to your country