R3 Insert Routers

Powerful analogue signal routers

A 7 insert R3 Router

I can’t believe how much quicker I can work, and how much better I’m using my outboard. Well impressed!
James Clear

Perfectly passive router for analogue outboard

The R3 is a pure passive analogue insert router.

It replaces an old fashioned patchbay, giving you accurate, fast and perfect patches, that don’t discolour with time.

Like all Crookwood routers, it lets you form a record chain, from any connected outboard, in any order. You can then A/B this chain instantly against other chains, form parallel chains and mix them back together in your DAW.

You can save insert chains in the R3, or in a session via MIDI, and reload them by playing back the MIDI file.

We use balanced gas sealed relays for all switching, so between the input and output of the R3, there is no electronics, active or passive.

The R3 is ideal for a mainly ITB studio, that want’s to add analogue outboard gear to their arsenal, with the minimum of fuss, and the maximum of flexibility.

The R3 is available in sizes of 7,11 and 15 stereo inserts.

If the R3 isn’t quite right for you, check out our other routers, or look at a full custom one – here


The R3 is a pure passive router for letting you quickly and accurately form serial insert chains of outboard for mastering or recording.

It uses Crookwood’s proven relay crosspoint systems to let you form any chain, as if you were patching it with a regular patchbay, but much, much quicker.

Fast A/B Different Chains

This speed means you can experiment with different combinations, or order of outboard and A/B two different chains to determine the best choice for a particular track. In addition, the source selector can let you rapidly choose different DACs to feed the insert chain.

Parallel Processing

As well a a single path, the R3 has Crookwood’s advanced parallel path technology. You can:

  • Choose which inserts are in the main path
  • Separately choose other inserts for the parallel path
  • Choose where to split off from the main path – at the start, end or middle of the path
  • Choose a completely separate input for the parallel path – for instance to add some reverb or ambience into the mix
  • A/B different parallel paths to determine the best choice for that track

Store and recall settings to memory, or tracks

The R3 has 8 internal memories for storing and recalling all insert routing. In addition Store #1 is recalled on power up, so you can hit the ground running fast!

However the R3 can also respond to MIDI commands. This lets you send a dump to a session track, for storing the routing with the session. When you open and play the session again, the R3 will recall to the exact settings you used for the original session.

Pure Passive Routing

Everything in the R3 is passive, using precision, gas sealed, balanced relays. It has no inherent sound, no noise, no distortion, and no signal gain or loss, so you only hear the effects of the outboard you insert. Perfect for precision and repeatable working.


A R3 is made up of these elements:

  • One or two 1U audio processing racks, depending on the number of inserts
  • A hardware remote, supplied with a wooden pod
  • A 5M long thin cable connecting the remote to the racks
  • A 4 stereo input source selector, which feeds a 7, 11 or 15 stereo insert matrix

Signals and Noise

  • Being truly passive, the noise floor is around -140dBu
  • The maximum signal level is recommended to be below 120V AC, or about +40dBu


  • All audio is routed in remote, 1U air cooled racks that can be placed in a rack, or on the floor, in a machine room, or near to the outboard to reduce cable lengths
  • The control panel is compact, and can be moved easily when not needed, to maximise your rack area, and minimise reflections
  • The control panel is supplied in a wooden pod, with a raised rear for easy use
  • Panel buttons and encoders are rated for 1M plus actions
  • OLED displays can be seen at virtually any angle or lighting for instant feedback
  • All audio IO via 25w Dsubs, Tascam pinout
  • Control panel is about 110mm wide, 200mm high, and 50mm deep, when mounted in a wooden pod


  • Passive balanced relay based routers, the ultimate audio switch
  • Inserts can be placed in any order, in any path
  • A passive source selector selects the input to the router
  • Design is modular based, allowing for easy upgrades and sidegrades
  • All routes and levels can be stored and replayed for instant setup, either locally or by a MIDI file dump


  • Our 7 insert R3 router is GBP 1795, ≅ Euro 2,130 , or US$ 2,311
  • Our 11 insert R3 router is GBP 2980, ≅ Euro 3,536 , or US$ 3,837
  • Our 15 insert R3 router is GBP 3810, ≅ Euro 4,521 , or US$ 4,905
  • All prices are ex factory and do not include shipping or local sales & import taxes
  • Contact us for a quote with shipping to your country


  • More details to come :) Contact us in the meantime if you need any further information