Who’s behind the Soundbuckets?

Crookwood is the parent company behind the Soundbuckets (www.crookwood.com).  We’re a high end pro audio company who have been making some of the best specialised pro audio gear on the planet for the last 20 plus years.

We’re based in the UK, in a sleepy little village between the neolithic monuments of Stonehenge and Avebury, and all our products are designed and handmade by us in the UK.  The name Crookwood actually comes from the name of the farm where one of the directors grew up.  The farm’s listed in the Doomsday book of 1086, making Crookwood one of the oldest names in the audio industry!

The design team behind Crookwood have worked for some of the great names of British and American Hi-Fi and pro-audio companies, as well as Crookwood, and now supply premium consoles and controllers to a wide range of audio professionals across the world.  There’s a good chance that a lot of your favorite music has gone through electronics designed by the Crookwood team. You can get an idea of who we’ve worked with here.

We love music and spend a huge amount of our time listening to music, recorded, streamed or live, and all our designs aim to bring recorded music to life.

So why make loudspeakers?

Actually, we’ve been designing cylindrical speakers since about 1982, initially as a Physics BSc project, then later for fun.  Cylindrical speakers have lots of benefits ( plus a few issues) compared to regular box speakers. The Soundbuckets design came around from pressure in two areas:

  • We saw a gap for a professional small speaker to let professionals check what their work would sound like on a small speaker, typical of the new breed of consumer products.
  • We wanted a small unit for ourselves to replace our ageing Hi-Fi system, and reflect how and where we listen to our music today.

Most consumer speakers are pretty poor – the money’s spent on the cosmetics, not the speaker parts, so we knew we could better them.  We designed it first for the studio, with low distortion, good bass and treble and made them loud. We then added stupidly large batteries and Bluetooth for our home version.  The result is the Soundbucket, a portable, rechargeable speaker that’s easy to use, and great for barbecues, the beach, camping, festivals & parties, or on your desktop, game-station, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room.