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What is Stereo?

  Everything sounds better in stereo! We’ve all heard the term stereo, but what exactly is it?  The SoundBuckets allow you to listen to music in stereo, by joining two of them together.  However whenRead more

SoundBucket Technical Specifications

These specs really demonstrate just how different the SoundBucket is from the rest of the herd. If you’re interested, there’s more information about how these were measured (see menu opposite), and how to use themRead more

Distortion Specs

Distortion is a measure of how well a speaker can do it’s job of playing music, without adding extra music of it’s own!  The missing spec I’m going to be brief about this subject hereRead more

Power Rating Specs

You’ll see lots of power specifications for the amplifiers inside portable speakers, and it’s natural to relate power to loudness, but the link is tenuous.  It’s best to look at the speaker’s loudness figures instead.Read more

Frequency Response Specs

The frequency response is all about how low the bass goes, how high the treble goes, and what happens in between! Often you’ll see it quoted as: 50Hz – 20KHz.  Sadly without also quoting the levelRead more

Loudness Specs

Loudness is the new battle line for portable speakers, everybody is claiming to be the loudest, but how do you find out the truth? The proper name for a speaker is “Loudspeaker”, and speakers shouldRead more

The importance of specifying conditions

It’s all in the small print If I told you, my vehicle did 0-60 in 3 seconds, you’d think it was a supercar.  However I was actually talking about my lawnmower! You thought I meant 0-60Read more