The SoundBucket Loudspeaker

The SoundBucket is a compact, portable, quality speaker, capable of some serious sounds. Using the latest Bluetooth technology and old school analogue design, you can stream quality stereo music, and remote control them from your phone, tablet or PC.

blue 300

A fabulous blue SoundBucket, retro looks on the outside, analogue excellence on the inside

Our Story

For the last 23 years, Crookwood, a small British niche manufacturer, has quietly been hand making the world’s best studio gear, for the world’s best recording engineers. Our clients have worked with some of the biggest artists on the planet – from Adele to Mozart, Metallica to The XX (click here for a fuller artist list…) and Crookwood’s provided them with the excellent sound quality they demand.

Now, for the first time, we’ve condensed our decades of professional audio knowledge into a compact portable speaker, that everyone can buy, so you too can enjoy our studio quality sound, wherever you are.

Say Hello to the SoundBucket, the best portable Bluetooth® speaker you will ever own!

Times Have Changed

Today, all our music is stored or streamed from the cloud, onto portable devices – phones, tablets and computers. This digital approach is great for convenience, but the sound quality has suffered. What we really want, is to get a good old Hi-Fi sound, wherever you are or moving around to.

The SoundBuckets are the answer; they’re a cool, compact portable speaker capable of serious sounds, to suit the way you listen to music today. Easy to use, they’re big on quality, big on sounds, but small in size.

Serious Sound You Can Move Around

As your phone, tablets & PCs got smaller, so unfortunately did the sound-one of the laws of physics is that to get a big sound, you need a big speaker. Sure you can use headphones, but music sounds so much better when it’s not played in your head. Why not listen to your music out loud, as it was originally intended and share the experience with your mates? This is where the SoundBucket triumphs; the marriage of analogue excellence and digital convenience means it produces a serious sound you can move around.

Despite it’s compact size, the SoundBucket is a real Hi-Fi speaker, with two quality drivers – a dedicated small tweeter and huge 4” woofer. This classic arrangement means the SoundBuckets sound “right” across the whole musical spectrum, not tinny, not boomy, not lifeless or aggressive, just beautifully accurate. Inside the box are two powerful 30W power amplifiers, and equally impressive rechargeable batteries. This power is used to provide a stunning bass response and the ability to play music truly loud with power and importance. It’s like having a big Hi-Fi you can just pick up and move around with you.

One SoundBucket works brilliantly by itself, but you can buy 2 for stunning stereo and more volume; with Bluetooth and batteries, there are no wires or mess to worry about, just stream and go!

The SoundBucket plays music with emotion and energy, from delicate acoustic notes to the full frontal sonic assault of metal: it’s a serious sound, but one you can just pick up and move around.

Forget Multiroom, think Everywhere!

Sonos® systems and their ilk are great, but why invest in speakers for every room, when you can just pick up the best speaker you’ll own, and move it to where you want to be? And why stop at indoors? It’s splash and rain resistant, so take your SoundBucket gardening, to work, the BBQ, camping, to the beach, festivals, campervan or canal boat to name but a few but  the possibilities are endless!

It’s not just the sound quality that won’t let you down, our powerful batteries let you listen anytime without worrying about running out of charge. The outstanding battery life of up to 50 hours means you won’t have to worry about constantly recharging your SoundBucket – it’s ready to go when you are.

To make life even simpler, you can charge it with a standard micro-USB computer lead, there’s no special power supplies or cables to loose. You can even use your SoundBucket like a regular speaker, and plug it into the mains at home – or 12V in a car, campervan or even a canal boat! Plug it in, play music and know that it’ll be automatically charged, ready for your next outing.

SoundBucket: One speaker for all your needs.

Connects to Everything

We’ve made the SoundBucket really easy to use, and really easy to connect to all your music players.

It’s all controlled by a single button with a multicoloured LED and you can use the normal controls on your phone etc to do the rest. No complicated double volume controls or weird features you’ll never need!

  • If you’ve got music on a phone, tablet, or computer you can just connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Simple, secure and with a great range it’s so easy to do.
  • It works with all streaming services – Spotify®, Deezer®, Pandora®, Tidal® and even Apple Music®. Just stream to Bluetooth and the SoundBucket does the rest.
  • Got apt-x®?This is a superior way to move audio across Bluetooth.We’ve invested in supporting this great standard (we’ve known the apt-x guys since the 80’s and know the product well from hi-end pro audio) to get the best out of Bluetooth. If your device has apt-x, the SoundBucket will automatically connect to it without you having to do a thing.
  • Don’t have Bluetooth? No problems, just use the cable we supply with every SoundBucket to connect it to your device.
  • Want stereo? We used the latest Bluetooth system so you can wirelessly link up two SoundBuckets for great stereo with accurate imaging and impact.We also support wired stereo, using our supplied cable.
  • Pono Player, or Hi Res?Just use our supplied cable. Our aux input jack connects directly to the analogue speaker amplifiers inside, via our precision custom analogue circuits; no digital re-sampling, manipulation or compression, just pure sound, the perfect way to enjoy your hi-res audio experience.
  • Want it even louder? Just use the external DC input with a suitable external power supply to boost the volume to impressively loud levels.

The SoundBuckets are really easy to use, and really great to listen to.

Hand Made with Love

Unlike the typical Bluetooth speakers you’ll see in the shops, the SoundBuckets are all designed, and lovingly manufactured by hand, in the UK by our skilled workforce.

We’ve been working on the SoundBuckets for over 18 months now, and together, we’re proud to have made such a quality product, that’s still affordable without compromising on components or morals.

We avoided the use of weak plastic, in favour of strong, natural materials like aluminium, steel and leather.We then bolt all these parts together, making the SoundBuckets strong and sturdy. It also means it’s easy for us to do things like replace the batteries in your SoundBucket, when they eventually wear out.

So, long after those high street speakers have all gone into the waste skips, you will still be enjoying your SoundBucket, day after day, after day!

Under the Hood

Inside the simple looks of the SoundBucket are a host of very complicated analogue amplifiers and digital power management systems, far beyond what you’d expect to see in a product in this, or any price range.In fact every component of the SoundBucket from the shape, materials, electronics, drivers, etc has been chosen to contribute towards the sound.

It’s all enormously technical, and fascinating if you like that sort of thing, but we realise it’s not for everybody.There’s a technical taster below, but if you’re interested, there’s bucket loads more information on our website,


MRSP is £194.95

  • Compact, portable Bluetooth 4.0 speaker
  •  Studio/Hi-Fi quality to bring your music alive
  • Loud and accurate, great with all genres of music
  • Up to 50 hours battery life, rechargeable via USB
  • 10 eye catching colours to suit you & your décor
  • Strong and built to last, made with quality parts
  • Analogue sound quality with digital convenience
  • Hi-Res audio ready
  • Handmade with love in the UK

SoundBucket – serious sound you can move around.