The Answer’s Yes…

Can I charge my SoundBucket from the car?

Can I link multiple SoundBuckets together?

Can I use my SoundBucket outside?

Can I power my SoundBucket off the mains?

Can I use a tablet with my SoundBucket?

Can I stream music to my SoundBucket?

Can I use Android phones with my SoundBucket?

Can I use an old iPod with my SoundBucket?

Can I have custard and cream on my crumble?


My SoundBucket suddenly went quiet – what happened?

This is one of the features of the SoundBucket. This probably happened because you accidentally tapped the lid. Tap the lid once to dim the volume (to take a phone call etc.), then tap it again to return to previous volume level.

Why is the sound dropping out/distorted?

The SoundBucket may drop out if you move too far away from it. There is also a known bug with some Android devices that has nothing to do with the SoundBucket. Sound may be distorted if the music has been made this way, or if the volume quality of your device is too low.

Can I make my SoundBucket even louder?

Yes. To make your SoundBucket even louder, you can use our high power external power supply. This is not included in your original SoundBucket package but you can get it from the Buy page.

Are the SoundBuckets really hand made?

Yes, we have a lovely team of people who work in our factory in Wiltshire who hand make each SoundBucket with love and great care to make sure you only receive the best quality products.

Do the SoundBuckets have to be Bluetooth?

No, if you are using a SoundBucket as a mono speaker in a studio, we know you will not require the Bluetooth option, so we have designed the ‘Pro SoundBucket’ for this use. Please go to the Buy section to find out more.

What do I do if I need help?

If you need our assistance, please refer to our contact page at the top of this website and we’ll do everything we can to help you.

If it doesn’t work, what do I do?

Look at the manual for answers but contact us on sales@soundbuckets.com or telephone 01672811649 and we will be really happy to help.

What is the size/weight of the SoundBucket?

Please see https://soundbuckets.com/technical-information/weights-measures/

What is the battery life?

30 hours

What devices do I use the SoundBucket with?

Tablet/iPhone/Computer. Please see how to use your SoundBucket here: https://soundbuckets.com/help/using-your-soundbucket/

Can I enhance the tablet sound with a SoundBucket?

Yes. It does not matter how good your portable device is, we have ensured the quality of the SoundBucket speaker surpasses all portable device speakers.

How do I use the controls?

Please see specifications here: https://soundbuckets.com/technical-information/understanding-specs/

What wireless range will I receive?

We suggest you should be within 1 meter from your SoundBucket the first time you connect it to your device, but after that you can be within 5-10 meters from it.

Can I use Spotify?

Yes. You can use any form of music; any sound that would normally come out of your device’s speaker will come out of the SoundBucket.

Can an object or wall impede the Bluetooth.

Yes. It is always best to have a clear line of vision between your device and SoundBucket.


Please send in your questions and we will print them here (as long as they are about SoundBuckets that is). Other questions, contact the agony aunt section of a women’s magazine, maybe!