Using your SoundBucket

Open the box. Inside you should find…

  • The speaker unit
  • The Aux cable cable -This is for connecting your SoundBucket to a non Bluetooth device or connecting multiple SoundBuckets.
  • The micro USB charging lead -This is for charging your SoundBucket using USB
  • The mini manual
  • A Lid power on/off sticker – you can use this to help others know how to turn it on and off
  • Piece of cardboard in lid – this is to stop your unit turning on in transit. Please just remove this and put it in your cardboard recycling.
  • If you ordered it, a Game Changer external, mains power supply

If any of this is missing, please call 01672 811649 or email


The SoundBucket is controlled by pushing or tapping on the front of the lid, like this:

Pushing the Lid switch

You can use the supplied sticker to mark where you have to push if you wish, but after a couple of times, you’ll get the idea!

As a general rule, you push and hold to turn it on and off, and tap it for functions. For full instructions, see the menu for a step by step guide to using your SoundBucket.

Kickstarter Edition

The original Kickstarter SoundBuckets work slightly differently.  Have  a look at the separate menu item for instructions.

We can update a Kickstarter edition version to the current spec, just contact us if you’d like to know more.