Adjusting the volume of your SoundBucket

To make life simple, to adjust the volume of your SoundBucket, simply adjust  the volume on your music player ( phone, tablet, ipod, PC etc).


The SoundBucket has a really useful feature: if you tap the lid while music is playing, the volume will dim.  This is great for having a quick conversation with somebody. When you’re finished, just tap the lid again to get back to your previous volume level


  • To tell you that you are in Dim, the lights will flash yellow and the unit will beep every 3 seconds or so
  • The Dim even works in wireless stereo mode, just tap one speaker to dim both, and tap again to in-dim both speakers

Make it Louder!

The SoundBucket is already quite loud (that’s English for very, very loud) , but you can double it’s loudness by plugging in the (optional) mains Game Change Power supply.  This plugs into the back of the SoundBucket, and increases the power to 65 Watts!

Other ways to make it Louder

As well as the Game Changer, you can alter the loudness acoustically by carefully placing your SoundBucket in the room.  Try this:

  • Place the SoundBucket in a corner to increase the volume by 50%
  • Put it on the floor or near the ceiling, in a corner for maximum effect
  • Put it on the edge of a surface for maximum treble clarity
  • Use two SoundBuckets working together to pump it up