Charging your SoundBucket

The SoundBucket works on a big Lithium battery so needs to be charged.  You can do it in two ways:

  1. Via the supplied micro USB lead – slow but convenient
  2. Via the (optional) mains Game Changer Power Supply – fast and powerful

Micro Usb Charging

To do this simply use the supplied, or any other micro USB cable to connect the SoundBucket to a phone or tablet charger, or PC, or any USB socket.  The micro socket is on the rear of the SoundBucket.


  • The SoundBucket has a big battery, and it will take up to 24hrs on USB to charge it fully, but for every hour on USB, you’ll get about two hours of battery life
  • The SoundBucket will only charge on USB if it’s turned off – you can’t charge and listen to music at the same time

Mains Game Changer Power Supply Charging

This is an external mains powered power supply that you connect to the socket on the rear of the SoundBucket. You can choose to order it when you purchase your SoundBucket, or as an option later on.  As well as charging your SoundBucket, it has many other benefits:

  • It will charge the SoundBucket in 4- 6 hours, and puts more charge into the battery
  • You can listen to music while you’re charging
  • It increases the power of the SoundBucket by fourfold, so the music is louder and punchier!

How to tell how much charge there is in the battery

The light on the base of your SoundBucket tells you about the state of the battery or the charge cycle

Off charge, the light will dimly show:

  • Green – the battery is full
  • Yellow – the battery is a quarter to three quarters full
  • Red – the battery is a quarter full

On charge, the light show that it’s charging

  • Green – the battery is full
  • Yellow – the battery is charging from 80 to 100% full
  • Red – the battery  charging to 80% full

If the SoundBucket is off, the light will pulse to show that it’s charging, if it’s on the light will show dimly instead.