Playing Music on Your SoundBucket

You have two choices:

  1. Use a wired connection
  2. Use wireless Bluetooth

Using a Wired connection

Simply turn on your SoundBucket and using the wire we provide ( a 3.5mm jack to jack wire), connect the “Aux/Line In” socket on the rear of the SoundBucket to a “Aux/Line Out” socket on your music player.


  • The volume of the music is determined by the volume on the music player.
  • If you have a wire plugged into the SoundBucket, a Bluetooth connection will not work.
  • Some music players have RCA phonos or other connectors instead of a 3.5mm Aux Jack.  Just email for advice on how to use these different connectors.

Using wireless Bluetooth

The SoundBucket connects really easily over Bluetooth, streaming music wirelessly from your music player to your Soundbucket(s).  After turning the SoundBucket on you have to connect to a Bluetooth music player like this:

  1. From new – search for the SoundBucket from your music players Bluetooth menu.  It will appear in a few seconds – you don’t have to do anything special on the SoundBucket
  2. From new – connect to, or select the SoundBucket from your music players Bluetooth menu
  3. Just choose a song and play!

If you’ve already done step 1, the next time you go to use the SoundBucket, you can just connect to or select it.


  • The SoundBucket will appear in your music players Bluetooth menu as “123-SoundBucket!, where 123 is it’s unique serial number.
  • The SoundBucket will need to be fairly close to your music player for it to initially find it when searching.
  • If it doesn’t appear in your music players Bluetooth menu when you search, try turning the SoundBucket off, then back on.  If it still doesn’t appear, try turning your music players Bluetooth off, then back on.  This normally solves all problems.
  • The wireless range of Bluetooth varies depending on the obstacles and materials in the way between your music player and SoundBucket.  You should get 5-10M ( 15-30ft) in line of sight, but walls, metal objects and even people will reduce the range.
  • When out of range, you’ll hear the audio start to stutter – just move the SoundBucket closer to your music player
  • Wi-Fi routers & mobile phones interfere with Bluetooth, so place your SoundBucket away from these devices if you’re having problems

Multiple Bluetooth connections

You can have up to 3 different music players connected to your SoundBucket, each one connects as above.  Whoever is playing music first, wins!  To let somebody else in, pause the music from your music player, and start it in another player – this player will now have control of the SoundBucket!


Instead of having to connect each time, you can ask your SoundBucket to do it automatically when it first powers up.  Check the Autoconnect entry for details

Stereo Linking

You can wirelessly link two SoundBuckets up in stereo to Bluetooth.  Check the stereo linking menu for details