Resetting your SoundBucket

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things just don’t want to work!  In these situations you can try to reset your SoundBucket to see if this helps.  You can also try resetting your music player

There are three ways to reset your SoundBucket.

Power off

Simply turning off your SoundBucket and removing any external power charger, will reset all of the internal computers and logic inside the unit.  It will reset to factory defaults when they are turned back on

Close connections

You can close all active Bluetooth connections that the SoundBucket has with music players etc, including any that you can’t see.  This can make connecting with it easier.

To do this, with the SoundBucket on, tap the lid quickly 4 times.  The light will flash green 4 times

All Bluetooth connections will now be closed.  To connect, go back to your music player and reconnect to the SoundBucket.

Reset Bluetooth processor

The Bluetooth processor is a separate thing inside the SoundBucket and it has it’s own memory, which stores the details of what it’s connected to in the past.  Sometimes this confuses things if you’ve updated your music player software, because the numbers don’t match, or if the memory becomes full.

To clear the Bluetooth processor, with the SoundBucket on, tap the lid quickly 5 times.  The light will flash red 5 times, and the whole SoundBucket will reboot with factory settings for everything.


Resetting your music player

Sometimes the problem lies with the music player, like the SoundBucket, there’s a computer inside, and they can get their knickers in a twist. Each one is different but you can try these reset procedures:

  • Remove the SoundBucket from the Bluetooth device list.  Then search for and reconnect it
  • Turn the Bluetooth system off, then on again
  • Turn the whole device off and on again

This normally sorts it!