Advanced Settings

With only one button, we’ve tried to make the SoundBucket really easy to use. However there are lots of extra features you can access.  You can:

  • Link two SoundBuckets together wirelessly in stereo
  • Set the SoundBucket to autoconnect to your music player, when it powers on
  • Clear and reset all the Bluetooth system
  • Lock the Lid so you can throw your SoundBucket in a bag without it accidentally turning on

How to access the extra functions

So how do you access the extra features?  Well it’s all to do with how many times you tap the grille.  As normal, one tap dims the unit, however:

While you’re dimmed:

1 tap undims as normal

3 taps toggles the autoconnect feature

If you’re not dimmed:

1 tap dims the unit

3 taps tells the SoundBucket to try and wirelessly link to another SoundBucket for wireless stereo

4 taps tells the SoundBucket to disconnect all  Bluetooth connections

5 taps resets the Bluetooth system


Conversely, the Lid lock is done by holding the lid down for an extended time.

There’s more information on these functions in the menus