Linking two SoundBuckets together for stereo

True stereo is a wonderful listening experience, but sadly without two accurate well designed speakers, you’ll miss out on it’s benefits.  Thankfully the SoundBucket is designed to sound great as a single speaker and as a pair in stereo!

You can link two Soundbuckets together:

  • Using wires and the aux/line out socket
  • Wirelessly via Bluetooth

Stereo with wires

To link two SoundBuckets together with wires, just take your aux cable and connect it from the ” Aux/Line Out” socket on the back of one SoundBucket to the “Aux/Line In” socket of another one.  Both SoundBuckets will now play together in Mono.  To get them to play in stereo, ask us for a set of special linking wires, which separate the left and right channels to each speaker

Wireless Stereo

The SoundBuckets have a special feature which lets you stream Bluetooth to two SoundBuckets and automatically listen in stereo!  Setting up is easy:

  1. Put your two SoundBuckets close to each other, and turn them on.
  2. Tap the lid on one SoundBucket quickly 3 times
  3. The light will flash between green and red as it tries to locate another SoundBucket
  4. If successful, each SoundBucket will play a nice musical tone together
  5. Now just connect to one SoundBucket and play your music, after a second or so, you’ll have glorious stereo!
  6. Separate the SoundBuckets by a meter or so to get a good stereo soundfield
  7. Enjoy!


  • If your SoundBucket can’t find the other SoundBucket, it will flash red and make an unpleasant “Nah Nah” sound.  Just try again and it should connect
  • The SoundBuckets connect to each other by looking for the nearest SoundBucket, so if you have more than two SoundBuckets about, turn off, or move the other out of the way, so it doesn’t connect to this one!
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re already connected to one SoundBucket when you stereo link them, it will automatically reconnect afterwards
  • After they are linked, the SoundBucket you connect your music player to, will be the Left channel, the other will be the right channel
  • If you enable Autoconnect, the two SoundBuckets will automatically power up stereo linked when you power them back up

Connection problems

Sometimes, the SoundBuckets just don’t want to play together, here’s some ideas to help you sort this out

  • Turn off any Autoconnect on both SoundBuckets and try again
  • Power off both SoundBuckets and try again ( remove any external power supply when you do this)
  • Reset the Bluetooth system and try again