Turning Your SoundBucket on and off

The SoundBucket is turned off and on by holding down the lid switch.

Turning On

With the SoundBucket off, hold down for lid switch until a green light flashes, and the SoundBucket plays a 3 note rising melody.  This takes typically about 3 second on battery power, or 2 seconds on mains power. Release the lid at this point. Afterwards the light will dimly shine to show the battery status.

Turning Off

Hold the lid down again for 2 seconds, until a red light flashes, and the SoundBucket plays a 3 note falling melody. If the SoundBucket is attached to a charger, it will charge, and the light will glow – the colour changing depending on the battery’s charge level.


Sometimes the On/Off doesn’t do what you expect – here’s why:

Pro SoundBucket

The Pro SoundBucket works exactly the same was as a Bluetooth SoundBucket, but it doesn’t play any melodies as you turn it on or off.

On/Off Lock

The SoundBucket has a “lock” feature, that makes it difficult to accidentally turn it on in transit if the lid gets squashed against something for instance.  To turn on the lock:

  • With the SoundBucket on battery power only, go to turn it off, but keep holding down the lid
  • After the red light and melody, the light will go out, then go yellow
  • Release the lid at this point – the SoundBucket is locked

When it’s locked to turn it on, you have to go through a special turn on sequence:

  • Go to turn it on, and the light will go yellow.
  • Within 3 seconds tap the lid 3 times
  • The light will go green and the on melody play – you’re unlocked

If you don’t tap it enough times, or tap too slowly, the yellow light will go out and it will still be locked.  Just start again from the top to try again.

Alternatively you can attach it to a charger and turn it on to cancel the lock.

Not enough battery power

If you try and turn the SoundBucket on when the battery is too low to power it properly, it will swiftly turn off again – the red light will come on and it will turn off. If the battery is really empty, it won’t even get to the green light “on” stage.

Solution: Attach the SoundBucket to a charger to charge it before using it again.  If you have our Game Changer power supply, this will let you use it, while it also charges.