Wiring up your studio

Crookwood make a variety of easy solutions to quickly get your studio up and running.


On some of our consoles, there are over 400 audio connections to be made!  While we use the Tascam Dsub IO standard to make it easy to buy off the shelf cables to interface to your studio, we also make a few products that will make things even easier to get your Crookwood, or indeed other equipment installed.

Made to Order Cables

We can make “snakes” to your exact lengths – with even different lengths within each snake.  All connectors are clearly labelled with their function and destinations to make hooking up a breeze.  See here for more details.

XLR Patchbays

We have a range of 1U 19″ XLR patchbays that effectively give you XLR IO for all of the connections on your Crookwood.  You can specify XLR patchbays for the whole job, or just some of the connectors, as you wish.  See here for more details.