Connecting Cables & Snakes

Crookwood make Dsub to XLR cables to order so you can quickly wire up your room.



Most of our gear uses Tascam pinout Dsubs for all of the audio IO.  To make life easier for you, we can provide a range of cables, made to your lengths to quickly connect up your Crookwood to your studio.  We are also happy to supply custom cables to interface with other gear in your studio.


  • All cables are made to order, to your exact lengths
  • We use quality Van-Damme cable, a great choice for studio work
  • We use quality XLRs and Dsubs with metal hoods
  • Rather than use snakes, we use individual cables, so each Dsub circuit can have a different length, to make installation a lot neater
  • We use crimped pin Dsubs, which makes it easy to add or change a Dsub circuit in the future, without needing a whole new snake.
  • All XLRs and Dsubs are labelled with their function and destinations to make hooking up stress free

Pricing? Availability?

From £45/ e57/ $76. Available now!

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