XLR Patchbays

XLR Patchbays

1U modular XLR to Dsub patchbays for easy connection to your gear.
XLR Patchbay


Most of our gear uses Tascam pinout Dsubs for all of the audio IO.  To make life easier for you, we can provide a range of  XLR patchbays to effectively provide XLR IO for our gear.  All patchbays are labelled with their function, and you can get up to 16 XLRs on a 1U patchbay.


  • 16 XLRs on a 1U 19″ patchbay
  • Gold plated XLRs are provided for a long life
  • Each XLR is labelled with it’s function to make hooking up stress free
  • The XLRs can be made in any combination or layout of male of female XLR, even mixing them across the panel
  • The XLRs breakout to Tascam pinout Dsubs
  • We provide a short Dsub to Dsub cable to link the patchbay to the back of our racks

Pricing? Availability?

From £110/ e140/ $180. Available now!

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